Nordic/Norwegian/UiO Programming Championship | 2020

Hello everyone! The Norwegian/Nordic/UiO programming championship will take place on November 7th, being held simultaneously at multiple nordic universities.

Due to restrictions on physical events, we are forced to move it online.

The event starts at 11:00, and ends at 16:00.

The NCPC homepage has detailed rules for the event.

Registration (To be announced)

Link to registration (HOW-TO). Includes a link to the actual registration page.

This event is open to everyone with some basic programming experience, and who enjoys solving problems. You do not have to be enrolled at the university in order to join.


MAPS Discord server:

Warmup contest

There will be a warmup contest that will allow you to get used to the format of the competition, as well as having some more fun! The warmup event is scheduled for October 31st.


Send an email to the organizers

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