The pictures are from various events that the legion has attended. If you like our pictures and wish to borrow some of them for non-commercial purposes (such as education) we are happy to help. Send us a mail and tell us which pictures and for what purpose. We might also consider borrowing out pictures for commercial purposes.


Gränsen By Olle Sahlin



One contubernieand two auxilias
By Anne Innes
Winding the onager
By Anne Innes
Planting the signum
By Lise Hamre
Night Action
By Frode Svendsen
  • Opening of "Humanioradagene", University of Oslo, April 1999
    Legio XV participated in the University's opening ceremony of Humanioradagene 1999, at the National Theatre.
  • Hjemsted Oldtidspark, Denmark, July 1999

    Some pictures from Hjemsted Oldtidspark, a park in southern Denmark dedicated to the iron age in southern Scandinavia and northern Europe. We gave daily demonstrations of Roman equipment and battle tactics for the park's visitors, who were welcome to look at and try on our equipment.

  • Premiere of "Asterix" in Oslo, September 1999
    We visited the premiere of Asterix in complete Roman gear.
  • Premiere of "Gladiator" in Oslo, 19 May 2000
    We were hired by UIP to entertain at the premiere of "Gladiator", we were also interviewed by Metropol TV at this occasion. 
  • Hjemsted Oldtidspark, Denmark, July 2000

    Following the success of our visit in 1999, we were happy to be invited back again. The visits to Hjemsted Oldtidspark are among our highlights, and the closest we have come to proper reenactment so far.


  • The first annual festival of the Faculty of Arts, August 2000
    Guard of honour at the opening. The programme included giving a short lecture on Roman millitary life and a demonstration of legionaire equipment and some basic fighting techniques.
  • Hjemsted Oldtidspark, Denmark, July 2001



By Jørgen Bøckman
  • Nyteg, July 1997 (as The Roman Project)

    These pictures are from our first LARP appearance on the splendid LARP event "Nyteg" by "Lilla Gillet". Note that this was at an early stage in our history, and only the Decanii wore helmets. Also note that we do in fact not portray Romans as such.

  • Gränsen, July 1998 (as The Roman Project)

    Pictures from our first appearance as proper Romans - in our self-built fort. Gränsen also took place in Sweden, and was a LARP event based on the civil war period of 260 aD.

  • Ockupationen (The occupation), July 2000
    Ockupationen was another Swedish event, to which 13 of our legionarys went. Again, they did not portray Romans, as this was set in a medieval fantasy-world.
  • Amaranth III: Nemeth, juli 2001
    Amaranth took 15 of us to Moesia in AD 39. We portrayed romans in a "based on" historical setting.

Lustra's film from Hjemsted Oldtidspark, 2000

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