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Social security benefits

Social security is a growing legal area for Jussbuss. The regulations concerning social security benefits are not easily accessible and can be difficult to orientate.

Jussbuss provides legal assesments of rejections for several different social security benefits. Mostly, we work with work assessment allowance (arbeidsavklaringspenger or AAP), disability benefits (uføretrygd), unemployment benefits (dagpenger) and sickness benefits (sykepenger). People coming to us for help have often been refused such benefits.

If we are to consider the legal aspects of a rejection it is important that you bring the written decision and that you come to us before the deadline for appeal has expired. The deadline for appeal in cases regarding social security benefits is normally 6 weeks.

Jussbuss also works politically to improve the regulations concerning social security benefits and the NAV-system.

Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions and at the bottom of the page you will find our brochures concerning social security benefits.

Do you have any questions concerning social security benefits? Please contact Jussbuss within our opening hours.

Which benefits am I entitled to?

The Norwegian social security system consists of several different types of benefits. NAV is required to give guidance, and will be able to give you more information about which benefits you are entitled to. Check their website, or contact your local NAV-office.

Generally, Jussbuss does not answer questions regarding the level of benefits.

My life/working situation has changed, should I tell NAV?

Yes. You are obligated to inform NAV about any changing circumstances, as this could affect your right to benefits. If you do not fulfill these obligations, NAV might demand you to pay back your benefits.

I have received too much in benefits from NAV, what should I do?

You are obligated to inform NAV if you have received too much. If you fail to do so, NAV will in some instances demand you to pay back. Generally, Jussbuss will advise against speculating in whether NAV will ask you to pay back or not.

I have received a decision from NAV that I believe is incorrect. What should I do?

If you have received a decision that you believe is incorrect, you can appeal the decision. This has to be done within the set deadline. It is very important to comply with such deadlines. Usually, the deadline is six weeks, but the deadline for appeal is always stated in the decision. It is often an advantage to have legal assistance in the appeal process and you can contact Jussbuss for assistance with this.


Jussbuss does not yet have any brochures in English about debt. Our Norwegian brochures are avaliable here. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our contact information is avaliable here.