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Prison law

Many inmates are not aware of their rights as prisoners and have difficulties claiming their rights because of limited resources. Social workers and contact officers in prison often lack time and competence to help. Therefore, Jussbuss makes weekly visits to the largest prisons in Eastern Norway. Prisoners in all parts of the country can contact us by letter or phone. More information about which prisons we visit can be found here.

Our typical prison cases concern probation, leave of absence, escorted leave, transfer to another prison, disciplinary reactions, and other issues regulated by The Execution of Sentences Act (“straffegjennomføringsloven”). However, we accept other types of cases from inmates as well, such as immigration cases or questions about debt. You can read more about our case areas here. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist in cases concerning criminal law or medical law. We are also unable to represent clients in court.

Jussbuss also works to change legal policies to strengthen prisoners’ rights to progression and content during their prison sentence.

Jussbuss has published a helpful guidebook called “The Prisoner’s Handbook” (“Fangehåndboka”) that is distributed to prisons in Norway. The handbook provides information about prisoners’ rights, and is useful for both prisoners and prison employees. The Prisoner’s Handbook is under revision in 2018, and a new edition will be published by the end of the year. You can find the current edition of the handbook in PDF format below.

Prisoners and their relatives can contact Jussbuss weekdays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.