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Financial assistance

The rules concerning financial assistance (økonomisk sosialhjelp) regulate various forms of economic assistance for people who are not able to support themselves financially. There are regulations regarding who can receive such forms of assistance.

Jussbuss provides legal assessments of decisions concerning financial assistance. Many clients have had their applications for financial life support, temporary accommodation or financial assistance to cover housing expenses rejected. In some cases we are also able to assist with other questions concerning financial assistance and the NAV-system.

For us to be able to make a legal assessment of a decision, it is important that you bring the written decision and that you contact us before the deadline for appeal has expired. Be aware that the deadline for appeal in cases regarding financial assistance is normally 3 weeks.

Jussbuss also work politically to better the regulations of financial assistance in Norway.

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions and at the bottom of the page you will find our brochures concerning financial assistance.

If you have a case concerning financial assistance and would you like our help, please contact us during our opening hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of assistance am I entitled to?

In order to qualify for financial assistance, there is a condition that you are not able to support yourself through work, savings or other financial rights. This means that you first have to use the funds you have available, be it through spending savings or selling of valuable items. If you do not have any funds, NAV is required to help you with financial life-support. The assistance covers living expenses (rent and electricity) and other living expenses (food, clothing, household items, telephone, newspaper, etc.). NAV is required to make a concrete assessment of the amount of funds each individual needs. NAV may set conditions for payment of the benefit if this is not unreasonably burdensome.

NAV is required to give guidance. Amongst other things, they can answer questions about the level of financial assistance you may receive. For more information, check or call NAV at + 47 55 55 33 33.

I feel I have been treated unfairly by NAV, and I do not have confidence in my case worker. What should I do?

Several of those who receive financial assistance are in a difficult situation, and sometimes a conflict might arise between the client and the case worker. Therefore, some wish to bring some support in meetings with NAV, and sometimes they also wish to switch case worker. Den Uavhengige Sosialrådgivningen (DUS) is a student run initiative that deals with these types of issues, and the office in Oslo can be contacted on telephone +47 904 05 368.


Jussbuss does not yet have any brochures in English about debt. Our Norwegian brochures are avaliable here. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our contact information is avaliable here.