Personal Data

Basic considerations and purpose

The processing of personal data in Jussbuss shall comply with the requirements of the Norwegian Personal Data Act and its corresponding regulations. This meaning that any information we register shall be correct, relevant and should not exceed what’s necessary or be in danger of leakage.

Client data shall be handled in such a way that we can adequately assist the client. The registered information shall also secure Jussbuss’ need to document sound operations, including any extract of statistics to meet national reporting requirements.

You are entitled to access your personal data

Anyone has the right to know how an organisation treats personal data, who’s the controller, the purpose of handling personal data, the kind of data being processed, where information is gathered from and whether any personal data will be disclosed.

If you are registered at an organisation, you are entitled to know which information is registered regarding your case (Norwegian Personal Data Act section 18). However, there are exceptions from this rule if the data is exclusively used for statistical purposes and will not have any direct consequence for the registered.

Right to access at Jussbuss

This page gives information about the processing of personal data at Jussbuss. If you seek more information than what is available, please contact the controller. The controller is the general manager at Jussbuss.

Inadequate information shall be deleted

The controller has a duty to correct and delete information, at his or her own initiative or by request, when the data is incorrect, inadequate or unnecessary. The controller shall make sure that inadequate or incorrect data does affect the registered person.

Personal data may be stored for historical, scientific or statistical purposes even if storing is no longer necessary for the original purpose. The condition is that the organisations interest in retention clearly exceeds the registered interest in privacy.

Information cannot be stored longer than what the purpose for processing the data indicates. After this, the information must be deleted.

Correcting and deleting information at Jussbuss

The main purpose for obtaining personal data at Jussbuss is to assist clients with legal issues. It is imperative that all data that is registered is correct, so that we can assist clients in the best way possible.

At Jussbuss, client information is stored for 10 years, consistent with recommendations from The Norwegian Bar Association. After this, the information will be deleted. Client data will also be deleted upon request from the client.

You shall receive information from the person registering your personal data

When an organisation asks for your personal data, you shall be informed that giving such information is voluntary, to what purpose information is registered, and whether the information will be disclosed to anyone. The organisation does not need to inform you if they are certain that you are already informed. The controller shall inform unsolicited and free of charge.

If an organisation collects your personal data from other sources, you should still be given the same information as mentioned above. The organisation does not need to notify you if the processing is determined by law, notification is disproportionately difficult or the controller is certain that you are already informed.

The main rule is that personal data can be processed if the registered person consents or the processing aims to fulfil an agreement with the registered person (section 8 of the Norwegian Personal Data Act).

Information from Jussbuss

Usually, clients who reach out to Jussbuss and share information must be considered to having consented in Jussbuss processing the personal data. The condition being that the client is familiar with how Jussbuss process client information. Regardless, handling client information is necessary for Jussbuss to fulfill contractual commitments to the client.

Any client who reaches out to Jussbuss, is given information that any personal data given will be used in processing the case or for statistical purposes. If it is not clear to the caseworker that the client understands that giving information is voluntary, the caseworker will inform the client of this. However, it has to be clear that we are not able to assist the client in the legal issue without registering the information.

You can demand to get information within 30 days

When you ask for information, the controller shall respond within 30 days from the day the request was received. You can demand a written reply. If it is impossible for the organisation to comply with the deadline, it can send a preliminary response with information about the cause of the delay and what time you can expect a response (Norwegian Personal Data Act section 16 and 24).

Inquiries for Jussbuss

If you have any questions regarding your privacy or your rights under the Norwegian Personal Data Act, please contact our general manager:

Postal address:  Skippergata 23, 0154 Oslo

Phone: 22 84 29 30

Fax: 22 8429 01


You shall be able to exercise your rights free of charge
When demanding information or other rights under the Norwegian Personal Data Act, no payment shall be required to fulfil such rights (Norwegian Personal Data Act section 17).