Jussbuss started in 1971 as a research project. The aim was to discover whether there was an unfulfilled need for legal aid among the general public. Since the beginning, research has been an important part of Jussbuss’ work. The areas of law we are working with often attract little attention from the more established legal research environments. Therefore, we are working to promote research in these areas.

Today Jussbuss’ research work mainly consist of publishing student dissertations and conducting research on the need for legal aid.

Publishing student dissertations

Jussbuss publishes master theses that are of interest for our work.  Publishing student dissertations is important to create legal interest in the areas Jussbuss is working with.

Often former Jussbuss’ employees write theses on the background of casework and experience they have gotten through Jussbuss. The Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, where the Jussbuss professional manager is employed, has been an important support in this work and has contributed with office space and facilities for the students. The interaction between Jussbuss and the department is important to increase the total amount of student research at the faculty.

Unfortunately, the student dissertations are only available in Norwegian.

If you have any questions regarding our publishing of student dissertations feel free to contact our manager by calling 22 84 29 30 or e-mailing

Legal aid research

Since the beginning, Jussbuss has conducted legal aid surveys approximately every decade to uncover the need for legal aid.

The last survey was conducted in 2013. Two students got scholarships from The Norwegian Bar Association to complete the survey as their master thesis. All Jussbuss’ employees participated in collecting data for the survey.

Conducting these surveys regularly gives Jussbuss a foundation to assess how the need for legal aid has developed over time. Also, it gives us a foundation to present suggestions as to how the legal aid services can be improved in the future. Jussbuss often use the surveys in our politial work.

Unfortunately, the surveys are only available in Norwegian.

If you have any questions concerning our free legal aid research, please contact our general manager by calling 22 84 29 30 or e-mail