How to book a lecture

Free Legal Aid for Women, JURK, offers lectures to minority women about their legal rights and duties. Booking and attending our lectures is free of charge.

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 Knowledge and information about rights in Norway is a precondition to claim rights and participate in society in line with other people.  

An important part of JURK’s work is thus to inform women about their legal rights. We do this by giving lectures and through individual counselling.

JURK gives lectures to minority women free of charge.

Following our lectures, we receive new cases from individuals at the venue. We bring the cases back to our office for an assessment.

For some of our lectures, we have made workbooks for further work on the topics raised in the lecture.

We offer four lectures:

1. Introduction to labor law and discrimination. The lecture addresses the most important rules that applies to the workplace and rules concerning discrimination. The lecture will be suitable for minority women at language level 2 or 3 in Norwegian. The lecture is also suitable for women who are (almost) fluent in Norwegian wanting more information about labor law. 

2. Introduction to Norwegian law. The topics addressed are migration law, marriage and divorce, children and parents and domestic violence and abuse. The lecture is suitable for women at language level 2 in Norwegian.

3. Introduction to family and children’s law.

4. Domestic violence and abuse. If the lecture exceeds an hour, it will also include information about the Norwegian child welfare services. 

How to book lecture?

We are very flexible in terms of when and where we can give our lectures. We give lectures both during and after working hours, however primarily in the Oslo region. We give lectures for small and bigger groups.

We use Power Point for our lectures. We can bring a computer and a projector or similar if necessary.

If none of our standard lectures fit your needs, we can consider whether we have the capacity to make a lecture appropriate for the particular audience.

However, all our lectures are aimed at women and we thus recommend that the audience consist of women, and women only. If it is not possible to divide women and men, we can give lectures for mixed groups.

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to bring an interpreter. However, we can give lectures with an interpreter if the group booking us organize and pay for it.       

The Law Ambassadors project (train the trainers):

JURK runs a project called The Law Ambassadors. We use a so called “train the trainers” model, which means that we provide legal training to women from the Polish and Thai community in Norway (Law Ambassadors). These Law Ambassadors will then spread the information in their communities.

As of today, we follow up between 35 to 40 Law Ambassadors, and assume that we reach at least 800 to 1,000 women who learn about their legal rights through our project. We have given lectures on debt and economic violence, legal rights in situations of divorce and death, and violence against women.

Every year, JURK organizes a seminar where the Law Ambassadors receive an introduction in relevant legal rules, including a training in giving lectures on different legal topics. We also produce a number of brochures in the native language of the Law Ambassadors about legal rights and information about where to obtain legal assistance.

The Law Ambassadors pass on the information to their communities. Because the Law Ambassadors reside throughout Norway, we also reach clients all over Norway. Many of these reside in places far away from any legal aid-institutions.

The project is run in collaboration with and is partly financed by The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi). 

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