Norwegian Association of Researchers - The Local branch at the University of Oslo

The Norwegian Association of Researchers at the University of Oslo (UiO) is the union’s local branch at the University. All members of NAR who are either employed by UiO or have their workplace at the University are members of the UiO chapter.

The annual meeting is the highest body of the UiO chapter of NAR and is usually held in the beginning of March. The annual meeting elects the chapter’s board, the election committee and the auditor. The board chairperson (also called the board leader) and the chief union representative are each elected in separate ballots. The annual meeting votes on the annual report, the accounts, the working plan and the budget.

The leader is NAR’s highest-ranking representative at UiO. The chief union representative represents NAR in accordance with general agreements and regulations between employers and employees.
Principal Union Representative is Belinda Eikås Skjøstad

The secretariat is subordinate to the local chapter board. The secretariat attends to administrative tasks and treasury work for the local branch. The Norwegian Association of Researchers at UiO has local union representatives at the individual faculties and organisational divisions and units of the University.

Principal Union Representative: Belinda Eikås Skjøstad

Local Branch Board
Central Union Representatives
Local Union Representatives

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