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What is an intern?

It’s the interns that make it possible for Filologisk Forening to run Uglebo, without you we would not exist. As an intern you can help us with all sort of things and here is a brief overview of what you could do.


As a bartender you will be tending the bar and sitting in the entrance. It is the skjenkemester who has both the overall responsibility for the night and the responsibility for teaching you how the bar works. Furthermore in the bar you get to take orders and ensure that people receive what they want. In the entrance you will ensure that everyone who enters has a valid membership and sell memberships to those who do not.

As a bartender you will learn about the different sorts of beverages we have in Uglebo and how they are poured. You also get to know the others tending the bar alongside you in addition to the guests. 


As a cafetender you will work in Cafe Uglemor. The dagansvarlig will be responsible for your good health and your task is to ensure the presence of satisfying amounts of coffee, create copious amounts of waffles and sell the goods the cafe offers the guests. Influencing the dagansvarligs choice of music is also allowed. 


The disk jockey is of course responsible for all manners of musical playback at anything from Friday pubs to other evening events. You are free to choose any form of music, barring anything that is not rock obviously, and spice things up with your genres of choice. Here it is important to feel the audience and look for the current mood in the locale and look for the track which would really set things off. 


As a Quizmaster you get the opportunity to test the intellectual mettle of all participants of the bi-weekly quiz. You get to create all your own questions, choose which music to be utilized in between questions and how you wish to hand out points. If you have further questions about being a Quizmaster feel free to ask the kulturansvarlig. 

Pr- and culture-group

Do you have a graphical designer within? Or do you like to plan and decorate parties? Then this group will let you unleash your creative energies by participating in a wide manner of tasks ranging from designing posters, decorating Uglebo and even physically putting up posters around Blindern!



Something for you?

If you find yourself spoiled for choice then don’t panic. Joining several groups is allowed and you will not be judged for hedging your bets.

The most important rule is that an intern must work 3 shifts in a semester to earn their “interngoder” or perks!

If you work 6 shifts or more in one semester you will become a “superfunk” which is not only super in itself but also means you will be invited to a “superfunk”-only party held in the honor for those who work so much!

If you have any questions feel free to contact the board by e-mail at

If there is anyone particular within the board you wish to reach then you will find a list of all our e-mails here: 


The perks of being an intern


As an intern you will receive some perks which it is good to be aware of.

After your first shift you will receive an intern card which ensures you these perks. On the back of your card you will also find a record which tells you which groups you are, and were, a member of and in which year and semester. The cards alter their color each semester.

Intern parties:

As an intern you will be invited to the student unions intern parties, which are without a doubt the best parties! The purpose of the intern parties is to create a good environment and to ensure that everyone gets to know each other.

Cabin trip:

Every autumn semester the union arranges a cabin trip for all the interns and it is rumored that this is the main event of the autumn. The cabin can offer a sauna, plenty of space and stunning nature.  

The Danish boat trip:

The Danish boat trip is arranged each spring semester and this is a trip undertaken along with the other student unions which also run a pub at the University of Oslo. This is a great opportunity to get to know the other unions!

Intern prices:

The beneficial prices become even more favorable. There’s even free coffee and tea to be had for all interns, even outside of the normal opening hours!  

Uglebo as a reading hall:

As an intern you may utilize Uglebo as a reading hall or just as a place to be outside opening hours. If it’s locked you only need to contact someone on the board. There should usually be someone from the board present at the office during day time so feel free to leave a knock at the office and ask!

Free entry

As an intern you will be able to access all of Uglebos events. There is an exception of a few concerts where the intern card will still grant you a discount.

The biggest perk of being an intern is that you get a bunch of great friends who will remain with you your entire life.

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