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Signing up for gigs and happenings

Wether we arrange something ourselves or someone pays us to play for them it's nice to know whos joining in. Here you may read a bit about how to sign up for events.

From time to time, we get booked to do various gigs, what we earn from these goes to our “Malaga-fund” and contributes to us going to our MalagaTours (our summertrips, read more on this here) with a very low personal cost. These gigs are thus important for us. There’s however not mandatory to join in on gigs, but it’s of course nice to be as many as possible

All new gigs are announced on the “BB-info” mailing list, and to sign up for these and providing a simple list of those attending, we use a spreadsheet on Google-docs.

The spreadsheet can be found on this link, and at the moment below (but just as read-only)


1    =  I'm in

0,1 = I'm maybe in

0    =    unfortunately i cannot this time, but will of course try very hard to join the next gig!



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