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Tidying up in Grava

To keep grava in proper order it has to be tidied and cleaned. Therefore, every week two members take care of this.

Every semester, the board makes a list of who's gonna' clean which week.


This is usually done when cleaning Grava

  • Empty the floor from chairs, stands, sheets and tubas
  • Clean the tables and sofas
  • Wash the glasses and dishes (if any)
  • Vacume the floor
  • Throw embty bottles and cans in the bin (make sure these are proper empty)
  • Return the empty bottles and cans (for example at Bunnpris) and give the receipt and money to ØlchiepH (Viljen)
  • Empty the garbage bins and throw this away
  • Fill the fridges of drinks if needed

And if your’e really happy you may also:

  • Wash the bar, tables and the «kitchenette»
  • Dust of the library (in Margreterommet)
  • Empty the coffee machine.
  • Start on the top again

If you can’t the week you’ve been put up on, tell the Board member your cleaning with in advance:D

Sometimes it's nescescary to clean more thorough and extensive than usually permitted by the short weekly cleaning. For instance in case of parties, drink-mixing and war.


Cleaning list Autumn 2015

Dato Patrisier (CC) Pleiber
Week 36 Hanna Luc
Week 37 Lily Elena
Week 38 Mathias Erlend
Week 39 Oliver Joanne
Week 40 Oda Matias
Week 41 Viljen Ola
Week 42 Stian Sebastian
Week 43 Hanna Bjørg Jenny
Week 44 Lily Helen
Week 45 Mathias Marina
Week 46 Oliver Sarah
Week 47 Oda Ingvild
Week 48 Viljen Bamse
Week 49 Stian Luc
Week 50 Hanna Erlend
Week 51 Lily Elena


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