Member's meeting II 2017

Member's meetings have as objective that members get to know each other and the work of the new board. Everyone who is a member or who is interesting in becoming a member can attend! To be a member is for free. A member can just attend the events or be active. You choose!

Simple food serving - Latin American food (free for members).

Place: Grupperom 1, George Sverdrups hus ( It is in the third floor and it is NOT inside the library)
University of Oslo


1. Welcome new members!!!
2. Evaluation last event: Språkkafé - Día de muertos: What was good? What can be done better? (maks. 8 minutes - Dario and Karen)
3. Next Language coffee: Ideas. What is needed? Who will help? (Maks 10 minutes - Magnus)
4. Christmas activity: Final draft of the project and information about the application to LNU-(Maks. 10 minutes- Carolina)
5. Social- Get to know each other (30 minutes - Everybody)

Publisert 7. nov. 2017 10:59 - Sist endret 7. nov. 2017 10:59