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Carolina Hernandez was elected as the new president of the Latin American Association in October 2017. She introduces herself in this letter to the members of LAF!

Carolina Hernandez - Leder 2017-2018

I am Carolina Hernandez, the president of Latinamerikansk Forening 2017-2018. I am very excited for this year coming up! For me and probably for many of you, Norway is a new home, with lots of things to offer. Boller, knekkebrød and brunost, kvikklunsj have helped my transition into this new culture, and wait, let us not forget about pinnekjøtt and kransekake now that the festivities are coming!

I hope Norway has warmly welcomed you and that your plans here in Oslo are heading on a good track. As part of your experience here, I want to invite you to become part of ours as well! I know most of us will have something in common, things we can agree and disagree, but after all making connections and friends makes any experience even more interesting!

I moved to Oslo a little more than a year ago, lucky to have a relative living here already. However, making friends and learning about Norwegian culture were things I was curious to explore. Months passed by, and difficulties started to become less of it, it started to feel like home, and running outside, even if it was raining or cold was more enjoyable.

Oslo has a big community of students, therefore many things happen during the week. At the same time, there is continuously growing number of international students that makes the student life even more colorful. That is why, we want you to become part of us! Join us to our parties and språkkafes, interest presentations, brainstorming activities and much more!

Do not hesitate and contact me or any of our team members!



Publisert 9. nov. 2017 01:35 - Sist endret 9. nov. 2017 10:13
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