Ekstraordinær Generalforsamling Vår 2014

2014 - Be part of a fascinating experience!

Are you interested in Latin America? Do you want to know more about its culture? Do you want to learn Spanish or portuguese? Are you from Latin America? Perhaps you have been there and you would like to make a change? Help people? Work with human rights? or do you want to dance Salsa and have some good time!


It does not matter the reason, but if you are visiting this page today is because you are courious about Latin America and we too!

2014 can be one of the best years for the Latin American Association. We have grew up and have became a well structured and stable organization.

We have members from all over the world and it is therefore we use English in our meetings... Norwegian, Spanish and Portugues are normal languages at our organization as well!

We are a multicultural organization that embrace diversity: it is easy to find people talking spansih, portugues and even French at our events. We use all the languages that are spoken in the region.

Latin America is not a continent, it is not a country, it is a concept.

A concept around diversity, multiculturality and cooperation.

This year we want to invite you to be part of this great adventure.

We want to work in order to promote Latinamerican culture, diversity and multiculturalism, inform about important social,political and cultural topics, learn spanish and portuguese, create great projects and have YOU with us!

Be part of 2014 adventure! You can just be a paying member,  attend the events, you can be a volunteer at our events, you can attend our languages courses or be a member of the board.

If you want to get to know better the Latin American Association we want to invite you to our extraordinary general Assembly on February 26th. 2014 at 17.30 at the University of Oslo!

Publisert 21. okt. 2014 18:05 - Sist endret 21. okt. 2014 18:05
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