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Information regarding lockers at Eilert Sunds hus

The 9th of March is the deadline to pay for lockers the spring semester 2018.

Where are the lockers?

There are lockers four different places at Eilert Sunds hus. In the basement, by the mens and ladies-toilets, at the library in the second floor, and in the hallway by the SVSU offices.

How do I proceed?

You pay for your locker every semester. One locker costs 40 kroner. The deadline is noted every semester.

  1. Find a locker, and put a lock on it
  2. Pay for the locker
    1. Register and pay for the locker in SVSUs office hours. Note the locker-number, and bring 40 kroner


    1. Register the locker by VIPPS. Write “SVSU” in the recipient Field in the VIPPS-store (buy something). Select where your locker is (Kjeller/basement, lesesal/Library hallway 2nd floor/gang 2.egt) Write the following in the messenger field: Name, telephone-number and locker-number.

Are you a representative in a Student Council is the locker free. You must still register the locker.

What happens if I don’t pay?

  1. Lockers that are not pays for are “cut” and the content is confiscated. The content is placed at the SVSU storage, and it kept there up to a year. We do not store food found in the locker, due to hygiene concerns.
  2. If you get your locker cut, you can get your belongings back for a fee of 100 kroner. Stop by during our office hours, and we will help you.

Contact us

We answer questions by Facebook and E-mail:



Office hours

Tuesday and Thursdag from 11-12

We have offices in the second floor at Eilert Sunds hus, at room 238

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