Labour law

The employment contract is one of the most important contracts that a person can make. The working relationship gives the employee both rights and duties, and many different problems may arise. Our most common cases concern employees that have been dismissed or fired and helping employees to claim payment and holiday benefits. Other common questions are disagreements about working hours, overtime and other questions concerning the working environment. We have also made several several brochures in labour law, most of them in collaboration with JURK (Legal advice for women). Look at our pages about brochures for further information. We only help employees.

Social security law

On the area of social security law, we may offer help or advice about appealing decisions made by the social welfare offices. We also offer guidance concerning legal and practical issues with the social welfare offices. Many of our clients have received a rejection on their application for financial assistance, emergency aid or communal housing.

National insurance law

The cases Juss-Buss receives on the area of national insurance law includes great parts of the national insurance scheme. The most common cases are decisions about work assessment allowance, disability pension and unemployment- and sickness benefits. We may consider if the decisions made by the social security offices are correct, and offer help with appealing decisions we find incorrect. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to consider if the size of the benefits has been calculated correctly.