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Table of Contents:

Magne Hagsæter: The Wall Around Qualqilya

Interview: Ingrid Fiskaa on Alternatives for Afghanistan

Hege Hermansen: Palestinian Entry Restrictions


Javier Fabra Mata: Good For Others, Good for Us

Mikkel Berg: Who Threatens Whom?

Arne Næss-Holm: Cricket Diplomacy

Randi Solhjell: Sexual Violence in the DRC

Menik Wakkumbra: Buddhist Nationalism in Sri Lanka

Raffaele Angius: Slackening Growth: Fueling Politics


Scott Meyer: Security in the Field

Stian Bragtvedt: Consent in interviews


Ruben Røsler: Criticizing Humanitarian Intervention

Mikkel Berg: The Cats of Mirikatini



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