I am in the process of finishing a study on visual long-term memory for naturalistic and abstract scenes (photographs of doors) with relatively homogenous content and with comparatively little access to verbal coding.I am also currently involved in studies on the effect of visual artistic training on eye movement patterns and visual/verbal memory. Artistic training involves the ‘deconstruction’ of perceptual constancy as a necessary requisite for the depiction of three dimensional scenes in two dimensions. The basic functions of identifying and categorising must be deliberately countermanded in order to provide scope for a more pictorial mode of viewing in which attentional allocation is on colour modulations, composition of global and local features and graphic contrast. The object of the current studies is to find how this pictorial viewing mode translates to eye movement patterns, and since the training affects very basic perceptual processes, it is of interest to investigate its effects on other cognitive functions, such as visual memory.


Vogt. S., 1996. Looking at Paintings: Patterns of Eye Movements in Artistically Naïve and Sophisticated Subjects. Leonardo, 32 (4), 325.


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