Ivar Reinvang is professor of clinical neuropsychology with a strong interest in combining clinical and basic research on brain function. I have been responsible for starting the cognitive event-related potential (ERP) laboratories in the Psychology Department and in the National Hospital in Oslo. In basic research my main interest has been in combining ERP with memory paradigms (visual memory and spatial frequency discrimination) in cooperation with other members of the cognitive group, and I have studied the relationship between behavioral measures (reaction time) and physiological processes (ERP-latency).

In clinical research I have studied effects of head injury and anxiety disorders on information processing speed indexed by ERP, and in collaboration with A-K. Solbakk we have focused on the role of the frontal lobe in directing attention. In case studies of memory disorders I have combined neuropsychology, structural MRI and ERP in studying the biological basis of memory retrieval.

Currently I am engaged in studies of early diagnosis of dementing illnesses in cooperation with major hospitals in the Oslo area, and in studies of the importance of variation in ERP-parameters for cognitive performance in healthy persons across the age range.


Mail to: ivar.reinvang@rh.uio.no