Annika Melinder:

"Children’s memory capacity and suggestibility"
- A study of how young children remember stressful event


Anne Kristin Solbakk:

Electrophysiological (event-related brain potentials [ERPs]), neuropsychological, and behavioral techniques are employed to study attention, memory and executive functions in humans.


Arild Lian:

Phonological similarity effects in short term verbal memory. Phonological short term memory and language acquisition.

The role of cues in encoding and retrieval.

Reaction time studies of interhemispheric communication.


Ivar Reinvang:

Early diagnosis of dementing illnesses in cooperation with major hospitals in the Oslo area, and in studies of the importance of variation in ERP-parameters for cognitive performance in healthy persons across the age range.


Knut Inge Fostervold:

Understanding the vision-body relation: A key to VDU-workplace improvements.

An empirical study based on ecological explications and a systemic approach to vision.


Maria Korsnes:

Visual field studies on implicit memory


Ruth Raanaas:

The purpose of the present study is to explore serial position effects, i.e primacy and recency, which are typically found in explicit memory tests, in
implicit tests.


Stine Vogt:

Studies in visual long term memory for naturalistic and abstract complex scenes, and effects of training in the visual arts on memory and eye movements patterns


Svein Magnussen:

Short-term and long-term explicit and implicit visual memory, attention and capacity limitation in perception and memory, left versus right hemisphere function in visual information processing, brain imaging of cognitive functions by multiple electrode ERP and fMRI, mental representation of everyday scenes, memory and eyewitness testimony.


Tor Endestad:

Visual and verbal processes in metaphor comprehension.