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Turneringer under CYB's Faglige Helg H2011

I forbindelse med CYB's Faglige Helg 30.sept til 2.okt 2011 holder vi Turneringer i følgende

Starcraft 2

CS 1.6

Team Fortress 2


Info om CS 1.6 + TF2

How to sign up: click here!


When (start): 30. sep, 2400-0100


  • Format: 3v3
  • Team-switch at half-time


When (start): 1. okt, 2400 (after SC2)

Format: one of the following: 4v4, 6v6, higlander (9v9 with one person per class)

Rules and map-information will be decided before the tournament, some items and weapons may become banned (The Quick Fix will be banned if there are many experienced players around :D)


Info om starcraft 2

How to sign up: Clicky here

Start time:  1. Oktober kl 19:00

Format: Double Elimination

Prizes: To be announced


  • General rules
  • You need to be at the CYB's faglige helg 
  • If a game's results are disputed (both players report win), Tournament Referees will check replays and determine who advances.
  • All games are Best of 3 Rounds, with extended series if needed.
  • No cheating in any way. This includes any sort of hack or illegal program and receiving messages from friends watching the stream. This also includes account sharing or playing under an ID that you did not register under.
  • Players must set status to Busy while playing
  • Players may change race between games.
  • Games are held on the EU servers^^
  • Behave, if you act like a dick, you get disqualified
  • Below are info regarding starting games, maps etc
  1. Players will meet in the BESK channel on Bnet to find each other and arrange games
  2. The map pool is the current ladder pool.
  3. The first map of any set will be determined by both players eliminating one map each, untill only one map remains. Or they can just agree on it.
    After the first game, the loser picks any map that has not been previously played. 
  4. Results are reported in person to a BESK board member, or in our irc channel #besk @

The rules are subject to change up untill the tournament starts

Brackets (remember to scroll down to see loser's brackets) Currently showing last years tournament :


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